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30 October 2006

Business Waste: Expensive rubbish or valuable raw material?

Reference number: SW FSB Survey

Business Waste: Expensive rubbish or valuable raw material

The FSB launched on Monday October 30th, an on-line survey for small businesses in the SouthWest to find out more about how they dispose of waste and what it costs them.

Local authorities across the SW are looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, while the FSB is trying to keep the cost to small businesses down. But apart from some data in the FSB’s ‘Barriers’ survey, nobody has hard evidence on what is happening at the moment.

To find out, the FSB in the SW has designed this survey which was launched Monday October 30th.

The survey asks about costs of refuse disposal, as well as attitudes and means of disposal. The questions are intended to build on the information gathered through the FSB’s bi-ennial survey ‘Barriers’ to growth’.

Ever positive, the new survey asks small businesses what help from Government and from Councils would help reduce the amount of waste going from small businesses to landfill. Ideas include bulking waste so it becomes cost effective for recyclers and matching waste streams with other businesses that can use it as a raw material.

FSB Spokesman said: ‘Many of our members want to do the right thing about waste, but it is expensive and time consuming. This survey will give us the evidence to work with local councils and the RDA to assist small businesses in realistic practical ways.’

The survey can be found at: -