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27 June 2018

FSB modernises local structure

At the very heart of everything the FSB do, is its commitment to supporting grassroots members and lobbying to affect change at the local level to the benefit of the small business community.

Over the past few months,  FSB has been working with its members to look at its current boundaries across the Regions and Areas and how relevant these are to stakeholders and organisations outside of FSB.  As such, we have made some minor changes across England to better represent bodies of members to local stakeholders by grouping our boundaries across Local Authority areas. Local Authorities remain the main local seat  of political power, which FSB members want to influence making this a key issue for FSB to look at and address.  These changes will help futureproof FSB by ensuring that it can continue to be at the very heart of local debate and decision making and represent its members in a robust and meaningful way. 

Please click for a full list of the breakdown of Local Authorities covered by FSB Regions and Areas.