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31 May 2018

First Minister highlights FSB policy wins

FSB Scotland held its inaugural spring reception in Edinburgh on the 22nd May.

The event which marked Andy Willox OBE stepping down as Scottish Policy Convenor, and Andrew McRae taking over the role as Policy Chair, hosted a keynote address from the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. In her speech she highlighted some of FSB’s top policy wins during Andy’s time as convenor:  FSB Spring Reception - FM Speaking

  • The Small Business Bonus Scheme

    “The FSB campaigned more than a decade ago for the small business bonus. In total, it has saved small businesses £1.7 billion over the last decade. It now exempts 100,000 properties from paying business rates.”

    Apply for the scheme.

  • The Scottish Business Pledge and prompt payment

    “When we were drawing that up [the Business Pledge], we made prompt payment of suppliers one of the aims which signatories should achieve. That was a direct result of representations from the FSB.”

    Find out more about the pledge.

  • Public Procurement

    “In total, approximately 50% of public sector spend on procurement in the last financial year went to SMEs. That’s well over £5 billion.”

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  • Low Emission Zones

    “We want to ensure the zones come into place promptly. But we also need to allow businesses reasonable time to adjust.

    “And of course in managing those trade-offs, central and local government needs to heed the voice of small businesses.”

    Here’s how businesses can start preparing.

  • Broadband

“We have also committed £600 million to the R100 programme, which will ensure that every single property in Scotland has access to superfast broadband by the end of 2021. It’s a commitment unmatched by any other part of the UK.”

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Lobbying & Campaigning from FSB

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