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09 March 2016

4 Big Benefits of Business Engagement in Schools

Students with business owner on building site   

Are you thinking of engaging with your local school, but not sure what you’ll get out of it? We spoke to small businesses, during our recent research, who are currently working in schools to find out the benefits.

1. It’s good for your business’s image

Small business found that working with their local school raised their profile in the community and boosted their image.

“I think it’s really important to engage with community and give something back. It might seem like a waste of time but there are also intrinsic benefits to your business, it gets your name out and improves the organisation’s image.”

2. New perspectives

Small firms found that young people had new insights on how they worked and even picked up a tip or two on how to engage on social media:

“Although the work experience is ultimately about helping the students to gain particular skills and understanding, it is also beneficial to us as an organisation. We really benefit from the input of young people. Young people communicate in an entirely different way, with the use of social media, and we’ve really been able to learn from that. It’s much more of a two-way street.” 

Graph - benefits businesses felt from engaging with schools

3. Giving back to the community

Getting involved in schools provided industry with a readymade way to give something back to the community:

“I definitely would, it’s great to give something back… I believe it’s very important for small businesses to get involved with their local communities.”

4. It can help young people

Business engagement with schools can really help young people find the right career path and gain important experience for moving into the workplace:

“Every child here is on a journey and sometimes we can see that journey happening in front of us and sometimes this occurs in schools, but every child learns and grows from the experience.”

Not only that but schools appreciate how business engagement can really help boost a young person’s understanding:

“Businesses can bring the curriculum to life – for example an employer showing the practical application of an understanding of acceleration.” 

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