Measure and manage your sustainability journey with 20% off Zellar

Becoming a sustainable business shouldn't cost the earth. As an FSB member, you can get a 20% discount on an annual or monthly subscription to Zellar, a groundbreaking online sustainability platform.

If you’re not aware of your carbon emissions and find it challenging to make headway when it comes to sustainability, don’t worry you’re not alone. 9 out of 10 SMEs are in the same boat. 

Zellar makes it easy to make a start and take action. It helps businesses like yours to build, measure, manage and share their sustainability journey in one place. 

Using Zellar, you can quickly calculate and understand your business' carbon emissions and then build an achievable plan to reduce them, based on size and sector. And by following your Zellar sustainability plan, you can start to unlock an estimated average savings potential of £4,100 and reduce energy consumption by over 30% - as well as tackling bigger frontiers like waste and water usage. 

Zellar is social. It makes it simple to document your sustainability milestones. It records every action to your very own online sustainability profile and makes it easy to share with employees, customers, and any other stakeholders. Zellar even gives you a score to let you know how you’re doing and to spur you on to do even more.

So, if you’re a business owner who wants to reduce emissions and costs and do the right thing, but doesn’t know where or how to begin, join Zellar and get started today. 

Zellar will help your business:

  • Measure: Understand your current position with emissions calculators built on science-based targets.
  • Plan: Access libraries of credible sustainability actions, build a sustainability plan then plot your way to net zero.
  • Reduce: Create a sustainability team to drive your plan forward and reduce emissions. Switch to green energy and avoid costly broker fees.
  • Invest: Zellar’s marketplace features green technologies to invest in, grants to make them viable and the facility to offset remaining emissions.
  • Report: Access a reporting engine that helps businesses to track their progress and share their sustainability plans in support of business tenders, board meetings or regulators etc.
  • Share: Build an online sustainability profile and sustainability score and share your journey externally, access an online business community that enables you to learn from others and a volunteering hub to find local projects to contribute resource to.

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