A skilled workforce is at the heart of every successful business and attracting and developing the right workforce can be a challenge. We’re helping your small business navigate the education and skills landscape. 

This free resource has been developed in partnership with Gatsby Foundation, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), British Chamber of Commerce, and the Institute of Directors (IoD).  

The guide includes a clear, short overview of the education and landscape system, and concise information about the education and skills opportunities that you can engage with, and the benefits these offer. There are links to further information for the options you want to prioritise. 

You’ll discover: 

  • options for working with schools, colleges and universities, young people and older learners 
  • the benefits for your business 
  • how technical education is changing to better meet your skills needs – including apprenticeships, T Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications 

In the accompanying index you can find out more about the business benefits of different opportunities such as: 

  • providing workplace experiences for students 
  • using your industry expertise to help design courses 
  • getting training for your new employees and existing staff 

Getting involved with the education and skills system can be part of the solution, even for small businesses. Recruitment for example, becomes streamlined because you’ve engaged early with the next generation of talent. And your existing workforce can gain from flexible upskilling or reskilling options revealing new opportunities for your business to grow. 

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