No guest speakers, no promotional talks, nothing fancy – just pure networking for businesses based in Greater Manchester (and beyond, we’re not fussy). Come along to our virtual event where it will be networking, more networking, and nothing but networking!

Event details

It’ll be all about YOU, meeting NEW people, and making new contacts to help your business GROW!  By the power of Zoom, we’ll facilitate the breakout rooms, and you’ll deliver your elevator pitch, covering off a bit about you, your business, and the types of prospects you’d like to meet and work with. Once you’ve heard everyone else, move to a new room and do it all again, different people every time! #PureNetworkingGM

This is a bite sized 45 minute session which you can squeeze in to your busy day, it will consist of roughly three breakout sessions where you can connect with a small range of businesses in your area. Why not come along and give it a try.

To enable FSB to deliver a high level of customer service at our events, and to tailor the content where appropriate, we will share your full name and business name with the host of the event you have registered to attend. The event hosts are representatives of FSB who irretrievably delete your details following the event.  Should you not consent your full name and business name being shared with the event host, please contact [email protected] within three working days of the event taking place, with details of the event.

Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone FSB Customer Services on 01253 336028 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm), or email [email protected].

Further information

  • To help ensure things run smoothly, please refer to our Events terms and conditions here.
  • We want all attendees to feel welcome - please read our statement on Diversity and inclusion here.
  • Joining our virtual networking for the first time? Find out more about FSB virtual events and a quick guide to getting started here.