Join us for networking and some presentations at The Foundry

Join us at Foundry, home of Barclays Eagle Lab Poole for an info packed event featuring different speakers plus the opportunity to network with other delegates. At this event, two short presentations will cover two different topics. There will also be opportunities for networking with other delegates. Everyone is welcome whether an FSB member or non-member.  

Our speakers:

Joanne Young, from Joanne Young Consultancy, will be speaking on ‘Using 2 Ears and 1 Mouth Effectively.’

‘We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.’ Epictetus

We speak at 125 words per minute, we can listen at 400 words per minute and we can think at 900 words per minute. Deep listening is hard!!

  • How do we actively listen over speaking, it's more valuable to listen attentively (with two ears) than to speak impulsively or excessively (with one mouth).
  • Being effective in our communication involves conveying one's own thoughts and ideas and understanding others' perspectives, needs, and concerns.
  • By listening actively, businesses, teams and individuals can gather valuable insights, build stronger relationships, and make more informed decisions.
  • Easier said than done.

Cultivate creativity, encouragement and positivity, learn from failures, refine and create mental space. Cultivate how as individuals and teams we listen and think.

Joanne Young is the Cultivator of Thinkers.

Ensure your business delivers what you want from life; imagine it as a project.

Christophe Stourton has worked with many project-driven service businesses whose owner’s first thought when setting out on their own is: “How can I do more projects?”

While projects generate revenue, and more projects mean more revenue, they don’t imply growth or create long term value in the business on their own.  When the owner decides to stop the “doing” (or maybe take some holiday), the revenue stops too.  Where’s the legacy and future value for the owner after all that effort and those long hours?

In this presentation, Christophe will explore imagining your business as a project with a brief, a budget and a deadline, as a simple and familiar approach to building your business. One that demands the development of a response; a project plan that describes what the business will become and how it will deliver for its owner.

Christophe Stourton has founded various businesses in the creative sector in his career.  Now he runs a programme called DEADLINOLOGY® which aims for Owner-DoersTM of project-driven businesses, to build business projects that are valuable to own.

Nicky Kildunne, FSB Development Manager for Dorset will also update you about grants, funding and business support opportunities available to businesses based in Dorset.

How to get there

The Foundry is located in Dolphin Shopping Centre. 

There is public parking close by, including the Dolphin Shopping Centre multi-storey and Seldown car park. 


If you have any queries regarding access, please contact Beth Doel.

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Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please contact Beth Doel on [email protected]

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