Equality and Diversity Monitoring

Updated November 2023

The National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses Limited (company number 01263540) (“FSB”) is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number Z7356876 and is the controller of data for the purposes of data protection legislation.

If you have any questions about how your data is processed you can contact us on 0808 20 20 888, at [email protected], or by writing to us at:

FAO Data & Privacy Manager
National Federation of Self Employed and Small Businesses Limited (FSB)
Sir Frank Whittle Way

FSB is committed to the secure and ethical processing of your personal data and respecting your privacy rights.  This Equal Opportunities and Diversity Monitoring Privacy Policy was last updated on 3 November 2023 and explains how and why we use your personal data in relation to equality opportunities and diversity monitoring. For the purposes of this policy ‘We’ and ‘Us’ refers to FSB. ‘You’ and ‘your’ refers to the data subject.

How your Personal Data is collected, stored and used

FSB will only use your personal data for the purposes for which we obtained it, unless we reasonably consider that we need to use it for another reason, and that reason is compatible with the original purpose. 

FSB is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for its volunteers, members and staff. We want to do everything we can to encourage talent from all backgrounds to consider our volunteer opportunities and go on to succeed.  

For existing volunteer office holders on the Board, Scrutiny Body and our other governance groups, and our members who express an interest in opportunities on these groups, we are inviting you to complete an Equality and Diversity monitoring form if you wish to do so. This is to enable FSB to: assess its breadth of diversity, inclusiveness and representation of FSB members on these respective groups; and to identify and keep under review the existence or absence of equality of opportunity between groups of people specified in relation to that category with a view to enabling such equality to be promoted.

The completion of the form is optional but where you agree to share information you acknowledge that the information will be used exclusively for equality and diversity monitoring purposes as described above.

Any responses will be stored by FSB in anonymous form and non-attributable to an individual.

Should you have any queries about this please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Personal Data is collected, stored and used

If you choose to participate, you will complete an online form anonymously with details of your age band, gender, notification if you have a disability or are a carer, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

The information that is collected will be stored by FSB for monitoring purposes only but will not be in an indefinable form i.e. your name or personal details are not stored. In completing the form, the third party survey provider will capture your IP address and any associated network statistics for the device on which you completed the form but this data is not stored or where it is will not be associated to the data to make this identifiable.

Who will process your Personal Data and Sharing your Personal Data

Your personal data will be held and processed by FSB within our own internal filing systems and accessed by a limited number of staff in the Governance department. The information will also be presented to the Nominations Committee and Board as appropriate when considering the breadth of diversity on the groups and also measuring the effectiveness of FSB’s promotion of opportunities. It will not be shared with any other staff nor third parties.

Our Lawful Basis

Data that is used for equality and diversity monitoring is an accepted practice within the UK and recognised under the Data Protection Act 2018 schedule 1 part 2 (8) as a permissible use of data including any special category data (i.e data relating to health, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion). The data is therefore processed on the basis of this exemption as it is in the public interest.

FSB will additionally process this data anonymously so an individual cannot be readily identified.

Retention of your Personal Data

The data supplied by you via your survey response will be retained for a period of 12 months from receipt.

Data Storage, Security and International transfers

In general, FSB store all personal data in the UK, EU or within the European Economic Area (EEA), expressly choosing to locate our data within the UK where possible.  In limited circumstances however it may be unavoidable to utilise a Cloud Service Provider whose storage is not located within the UK, EU or EEA. 

Where FSB engage any service provider (in the UK or otherwise), FSB ensures degrees of security and protection comparable with our own policies and procedures, such as requiring at least a high level of data security practices and certifications, binding contract clauses and other suitable safeguards, including;

  • limiting the transfers of data to only that which is necessary for the objective to be achieved.
  • ensuring end-to-end encryption of all data during transmission, and at rest (stored data).
  • only FSB will hold encryption keys.

Please contact us on 0808 20 20 888 or by email to [email protected] if you would like further information on the specific mechanism used by us when transferring your Personal Data out of the EU or EEA.

FSB have put in place a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan and ensure sufficient data backups and measures to provide all reasonable measures to protect your Personal Data from unauthorised loss, damage or use. 

FSB limit physical and logical access to your personal information to only those employees, agents, contractors and other approved third parties, who have a necessary and justifiable need as part of their role, under our direct instruction and subject to a duty of care and confidentiality commensurate with our own policies and procedures.

Your legal rights and how to complain

Information that is collected in completing our equality and diversity form will be anonymous so this sits outside of the requirements of UK GDPR.

However, under the data protection legislation, you are still provided a number of rights with regard to your Personal Data.  For more information about these rights and how to exercise them, please see the Your Data Protection Rights section of our Privacy Hub.