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Smart Regulation

The Issue

Our research shows that over half of our members (53 per cent) want to see a reduction in the regulatory burden on small businesses.

Our members tell us that it’s not individual pieces of legislation that burdens them but rather the constantly changing guidance and advice they have to follow. Many believe they are put at a competitive disadvantage, complying with EU regulations, whether they come from the EU or/and the UK.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’ve campaigned for Brussels to ‘Think Small First’ and consider exemptions to legislation for small businesses.
  • We welcomed the Top 10 SME Burden consultation and responded to it in full.
  • We’ve welcomed the EU Better Regulation Agenda, which addressed a lot of our concerns.

Our Goal

We want small businesses to expand and easily tap into the 500 million consumers within the EU. However the fear of regulation and complying with legislation can stop small businesses from growing by expanding into Europe. We want our Think Small First campaign to lighten the load of regulations small firms currently face. We want the European Commission to go further on its commitment to ‘Better Regulation’ by establishing a fully independent, ‘Regulatory Scrutiny Board’. Only then will our members be able to tap into the full potential of the Single Market.

“It is the continual churn of new legislation, changes to legislation and now standards as well. This impacts the time it takes to firstly read, secondly understand, thirdly seek help if you need (often at considerable extra cost) and then fourthly to implement what is required” FSB Member.

Achievements in...



  • Responded to the EU Top 10 SME Burden consultation.
  • Made numerous contributions to Government consultations on the ‘Review of the Balance of Competencies between the UK and the EU’.
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