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18 November 2015

FSB reacts to Amber Rudd energy speech

Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, gave a speech today about the changing face of UK energy policy. The Minister described a vision of a new energy market less reliant on Government intervention, with industry being pushed to provide the solutions to our various energy challenges. Commenting on the speech, John Allan, FSB National Chairman, said:

“The Government is right to commit to improving security, affordability and further carbon reduction. We urge them to ensure this new market provides procurement and generation opportunities for smaller businesses alongside investment in larger energy infrastructure.

“Our experience shows that many small firms are keen to take advantage of community generation opportunities as well as investing in energy efficiency measures. Such measures will allow small businesses to help meet the challenges of the UK’s variable energy demands. We now look forward to seeing more detail on how the Government can help make this happen.”

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