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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety

Health & Safety Online      
In addition to information on employment law, commercial and business law and taxation matters, the FSB Legal Information website includes health and safety online. This is a separate section dedicated entirely to health and safety law issues and written by health and safety experts.

By clicking on the 'Health and Safety' button which is accessible from every page of the Legal Information website, members are taken straight into the health and safety area of the website.

Once in this section of the website, you will have access to:

  • Health and Safety News
  • Fact Sheets
  • Free Documents

Fact Sheets and Free Documents are divided into over 40 A to Z topics to enable you to quickly locate the health and safety information or documentation that you're looking for, covering everything from accident reporting, fire, manual handling, risk assessment and work equipment through to young persons.

There are over 60 Fact Sheets and over 60 Free Documents in the Health and Safety section. In addition, you can access regular health and safety news updates here.

A valuable member benefit brought to you by the Member Services Committee in conjunction with Abbey Legal Protection and Santia. Santia is the UK's leading provider of health and safety risk management solutions.