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Employment Law
Employment Law

A right of membership offering you online legal advice on many aspects of employment law, with a wealth of important information available online in-case you face dismissal or discrimination claims and employment tribunals.

What are the key features?

  • The Legal Protection Insurance Policy covers you for representation in Criminal Prosecutions, Jury Service, Employment Tribunals & Statutory Awards, Tax, VAT and PAYE investigations, Property, Data Protection, Personal Injury and Statutory Licence.
  • Peace of mind that you have legally sound advice about the issues that can affect your businesses.
  • Access to a wealth of free to access online legal documents.

What are the benefits?

  • Unlimited 24/7/365 access to business legal advice from qualified professional.
  • Access to professionals and through the FSB's insurance scheme, legal representation in situations from employment to discrimination tribunals.

How do I access this?

Once you are an FSB member you are covered by our policy and you can access the legal advice line 24/7 on 08450 727 727, as well as the FSB legal claims line on 01253 33 6026. You can also view essential documents by accessing the FSB Legal Information Online hub.

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Alison Finnemore from the North Marston Community Shop sis a member of the Thames Valley region, insisted the FSB has been of great assistance in advising on employing staff. She said:

"We're very aware that we need to make sure our shop manager is properly looked after and the FSB has been great in supporting that aspect of the business."

"There are a whole variety of other things you need to know as a small business that the FSB has been very helpful with. All the members of staff of the FSB are incredibly helpful – nothing is too much trouble for them to do to help us. It is so nice to know one can just get on the phone and ask."

"It can be a minefield of legislation as a small business and the FSB has been great in that area. I'd thoroughly recommend the FSB to any small business just starting up."