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Employment Law Advice - from the FSB

Employment law guidance: what the FSB offers

In association with Abbey Legal Protection, and brought to you by the Member Services Committee, FSB offers online legal advice on many aspects of employment law, with a lot of information available as downloadable Word documents. This service is available only to members and you need to give your membership details when you log in to

You will receive online employment law advice including:

  • A guide to what's new
  • Facts sheets
  • New employer tip sheets
  • FAQs
  • Access to fee-paying legal services

As well as this, an FSB Employment Bulletin is emailed to members every month, offering further employment law support.

Do you have access to adequate employment law advice?

With employment law constantly changing, and new legislation due to take effect in the next few years, most small businesses need a source of employment law advice they can rely on.

The issues they face may range from proposed extra Bank Holidays to the Equality Act, from the phasing out of the Default Retirement Age to the National Minimum Wage, agency workers and the latest rules on maternity leave.

With new employment legislation increasingly aimed at protecting the employee, the number of cases which have reached tribunal stage has increased sharply in recent years. Tribunals have become more complex, expensive and time-consuming, while the value of awards made has also risen. The cost of tribunals is almost impossible to recover.

With businesses more likely then ever to face dismissal or discrimination claims and employment tribunals, you need to be sure your business is protected. These claims can be financially and emotionally draining and time-consuming, but covering yourself with employment law protection from the FSB will give you real peace of mind.

Drawing up documents such as terms and conditions of employment, staff contracts and other legal agreements can also take up a disproportionate amount of the small business owners time and of course the paperwork must be legally sound. Our members-only website offers employment law guidance to help you prepare these documents so they are legally watertight.

Employment law advice: protect your business

Meanwhile, the FSB's Legal Protection Scheme, again offered through Abbey Legal Protection , helps small businesses through providing 24/7 access to lawyers and - through the insurance scheme - legal representations in employment tribunals and similar situations.

Make sure your business has access to the right employment law advice in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

Of course, employment law information provided online is not intended to be a substitute for seeking help through our Legal Advice Line, but it can offer an initial guide to the potential legal complexities of your situation.

Member testimonials

Ian Walker from Walker Monaco said being a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has been very important in the business growth of the firm.

He said: "Some of the services it offers are first class. We got a great deal on our office insurance through the FSB.

"We'd also been given some legal information from a third party and we thought we'd check it out with the FSB's legal department and it turned out the information we had been given was incorrect.

"If we hadn't checked it out with the FSB and gone ahead with what we had been told then it could've been disastrous.

"The meetings are great for talking to other small businesses which face many similar challenges. The website and the magazine are also packed full of very helpful information.

"We'd thoroughly recommend membership to any small business"