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The Issue

Our research shows 65 per cent of small firms rate their van or car as crucial for business. Roads are critical for businesses, who rely on them to access goods, customers and employees.  

More strategic planning to ease congestion on urban roads and an integrated transport system in rural areas would enable small businesses across the UK to move and grow.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’ve called for increased resources to be invested in the local road network, which most small businesses use for most journeys.
  • We’re lobbying the Government to reinvest the money it earns in vehicle tax on improving existing and building new roads across the UK.
  • We want transport Ministers to strategically plan for the future with proper investment in the current, road network.

Our Ask

We want the Government to look at the UK’s road network strategically, to ensure existing roads are fit for purpose and new roads are built in conjunction with other modes of transport (rail links, airports, ports). This will relieve congestion and provide better access for small businesses, in both rural and urban areas.

Small businesses are reliant on roads to operate and to ensure their economic growth, a functioning road network is vital.

Achievements in...



  • In the 2017 Budget, £1.3 billion was targeted towards local road networks and reducing motorway pinch points.
  • In the Spring Budget of 2015, a £200 million fund for repairing potholes was announced by the Chancellor.
  • In the Emergency Budget of 2015, the Chancellor announced vehicle excise duty would be ring-fenced for future road projects.
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  • The A9 is a key road that links the central belt in Scotland with the Highlands & Islands, and one that witnesses many accidents and fatalities.  

  • In 2014 we successfully lobbied the government to ease driver frustration by increasing the speed limit for HGVs from 40mph to 50mph.

  • The trial is expected to reduce the number of overtaking-related accidents on the road.

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