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Health and Safety

The Issue

Health and safety regulations are essential for keeping our members and their employees safe while at work. We think that like all regulation, health and safety rules should be risk-based and proportionate. They should also be as simple and easy to comply with as possible.

Our research shows health and safety regulations are in the top three areas of regulatory burdens for our members.

Many of our self-employed members working in low-risk places tell us about the high costs they face complying with health and safety regulations. Members also complain that key factors like the track record of the business, experience and training of staff, are not always taken into proper consideration during health and safety inspections.

Action FSB have taken

  • We supported Government reforms to exempt self-employed people working in low-risk places, from some health and safety regulations.
  • We’ve lobbied the Health and Safety Executive to make sure self-employed exemption is clear for small businesses, so they know where they stand.
  • We’ve submitted evidence to the European Commission as part of their review of the EU’s Health and Safety framework.

Our Ask

We want all employers and employees to be safe at work. However we believe small firms should be free from complying with health and safety regulations, if they are unnecessary because of the size and location of the business.

FSB Health and Safety Advice

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