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Regional Economic Development

The Issue

For sustainable and balanced economic growth we need to utilise the breadth and depth of resources across the UK. Only with continued investment in infrastructure, like HS2, the Northern Powerhouse, and strategic and local road networks, will regional growth increase.

Our research shows the most important mode of transport for small firms are local roads, so they must be adequately maintained and invested in.

Devolution of certain powers to the Home Nations and within England will help to rebalance the economy.

Action FSB have taken

To rebalance the economy we’re calling for more economic governance at the local level, while ensuring the voice of small business is heard in decision making.

We’re lobbying for the delivery of different projects identified within the National Infrastructure Plan.  We’ve also called for increased resources to be dedicated to the local road network.

We’re calling for the Government to develop and strengthen growth-hubs and support the ongoing development of Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Our Ask

We want the Government’s economic and infrastructure plans to explicitly support every nation and region in the UK. In a global market, small firms across the UK must not be at a competitive disadvantage, because of their geographic location. Devolving more economic powers to the nations and local authorities will see small firms expand and grow.

Achievements in...



Following continual lobbying by our national and regional teams, in December 2016 the Government published its new and strengthened guidelines for transparency and accountability of LEPs.

The Chancellor announced increased resources for local roads and pinch points on the motorway in the 2016 Autumn Budget.

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