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The Issue

Tourism matters to many different types of business as well as being a major source of employment, especially in rural areas. The sector’s growth is restricted by a number of challenges – from a lack of good transport and mobile connectivity to the high costs of doing business, such as high energy bills and a lack of affordable finance. It also has to manage regulatory changes and skills shortages. Government policy on tourism needs to keep pace with these challenges as well as ensuring small businesses have the right support to take advantage of new opportunities in a fast-changing market.

Action FSB have taken

  • Represented the views of the small business sector in tourism reviews across the country.

  • Called for a decision to be made regarding expansion of UK airport capacity.

  • Campaigning for a broadband universal service obligation of 10MBps to be introduced for all premises.

  • Pushed governments at all levels to recognise the key role tourism plays in the economy.

Our Goal

To ensure tourism businesses are not held back by government inaction on poor infrastructure, access to finance and the education system.

Achievements in...



  • We published the largest ever study of small tourism businesses in the UK, stressing the importance of exploiting their untapped potential to grow the £4.5bn industry.

  • We called for a more joined-up approach from the public sector to better support businesses.

  • We instigated a more thorough and independent mid-term review of the national tourism strategy.

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