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The Issue

For the first time, small businesses in England are able to choose their water supplier for drinking, waste services and surface drainage. Opening up the water industry brings both risks and potential benefits for small businesses. We want the Government to learn lessons from reforms to the electricity and gas industries, to guarantee a competitive market.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’re highlighting the threats and opportunities for small businesses.
  • We’ve worked with water regulator Ofwat, government body Open Water, and consumer body CCWater to help shape the change.

Our Goal

We believe small businesses should be able to choose the best deal for their water supply, on price but also on additional services. We want to ensure the most vulnerable and disengaged business are protected. We want to see an emphasis on:

  • Customer Service (including water efficiency advice)
  • Water meters and tariff incentives

Achievements in...



  • We provided regular written and oral evidence to Ofwat and consumer-led working groups to inform plans for the new market.
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