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The Energy Market

The Issue

A lack of transparency and trust with energy providers means many small businesses have struggled to negotiate the best deal. Our research shows two thirds of small businesses say it’s too difficult to switch energy suppliers. Four fifths say they’re disillusioned with their energy company.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’ve submitted evidence from our members about the unfairness of the energy market, influencing two major inquiries by industry regulator Ofgem and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
  • We’ve lobbied Ministers and policy makers at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Ofgem, the Treasury and Number 10 to regulate the energy broker industry.
  • We’ve called for microbusinesses to be included in any energy price cap for consumers.

Our Goal

We want small businesses to make informed decisions about finding the best energy deal to drive down their costs while reducing their energy use. After securing a number of wins from our lobbying work in the energy field, we now want to see energy brokers regulated. This would ensure businesses are not discouraged from using their services to gain more competitive energy deals. We also want to ensure that microbusinesses are included in any energy price cap for consumers.

Achievements in...



  • In 2014 after years of campaigning on behalf of our members, the largest energy companies agreed to end automatic rollover contracts.
  • After working with Number 10 and us, Ofgem published its industry guidelines for energy brokers.
  • After extensively lobbying the CMA, it agreed energy tariffs should be published for small firms and automatic rollover contracts abolished.
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