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Climate Change

The Issue

Our research shows 12 per cent of small businesses generate their own energy. Three in five (58%) small firms have made changes to improve the energy efficiency of their business. Yet the cost of going green, combined with uncertainties surrounding return of investment in new technologies, can act as barriers. With improved incentives and fewer barriers, small firms can be key to helping the UK meet its binding climate obligations.

Action FSB have taken

  • Producing a comprehensive report looking at how to energise small business to reach the UK’s binding climate target.
  • Calling for a revamp of the Green Deal, so tax breaks like the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme are made easier to understand and use.
  • Calling for flexible regulations that help small businesses go green rather than burden them with extra paperwork.
  • Calling for financial incentives to be offered to small firms up front, so they can switch to energy efficient equipment.
  • Informing the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) review of concerns within the energy market.
  • Engaging with energy companies so they provide clear advice and support for small businesses, about their plans to roll out smart meters.

Our Goal

The next UK carbon plan should promote microgeneration and small business energy efficiency. There also needs to be a review of the effectiveness of subsidies and incentives to help small firms climb over the hurdles to energy investment.

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