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The Issue

While unable to control global oil prices, the Government sets the amount of tax we pay at the petrol pump. The UK still has one of the highest levels of fuel duty in Europe, with tax at 60 per cent. The effects of increases in fuel duty are disproportionately felt by small businesses, especially those in rural areas. They depend on roads to transport their goods and services. In many cases the high cost of fuel can stop a business expanding.

Action FSB have taken

  • Consistently lobbied Government for a freeze in fuel duty.
  • Continued calls to the Chancellor for fuel duty to remain frozen after 2013.

Our Ask

Small businesses are more reliant on roads for transportation and are less able than larger firms to absorb price increases in fuel duty. Preventing future increases would help our members plan for growth and expansion.

Achievements in...



  • In response to our lobbying the Government announces it would freeze fuel duty until 2015.
  • Our continued lobbying before the Spring Budget 2015, contributed to fuel duty being frozen and a cancellation of the planned increase.
  • In the Emergency budget in July 2015 the Chancellor announced fuel duty would remain frozen.
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