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The Issue

A skilled workforce is has always been vital to business performance. Today the impact of technology on business and the fact people are working for longer, means it’s crucial for business leaders and workers to learn and apply new skills. Other skills, such as management, remain key to business productivity.

Our research shows that while small businesses recognise the advantages of training their employees, many do not invest in formal training because of the costs. We want the Government to make training more accessible and help small firms invest in areas such as digital skills and management. This will boost productivity and the economy as a whole.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’re campaigning for the Government to help small businesses identify relevant training opportunities and raise awareness of tax relief for training.
  • We’re calling for Growth Hubs and LEPs to work together to provide digital skills training to small firms and their staff.
  • We’ve highlighted the importance of leadership and management skills to start-ups and established firms and identify ways to boost them in an upcoming report.
  • We’re making the case for small firms to invest in their workforce and identify skills gaps.

Our Ask

To address the UK’s productivity deficit, businesses need a skilled workforce with effective leaders and managers. Our research shows over a quarter of small business owners have not undertaken formal management training. We want to help small firms invest in training, to ensure all employees have the necessary skills to adapt to changes in the workplace.

Achievements in...



  • Raising the profile of future skills needs of businesses, in our work on productivity with the ALL PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP for Small Business.
  • Helping to equip young people with leadership skills, in our work on enterprise education.
  • In 2015 the Government announced a new degree apprenticeship which we support.

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