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01 November 2018

FSB Wales Blog - Animated Technologies – Business of the month for November 2018

Anna and Tom Burke of Animated Technologies

Animated Technologies is a thriving creative animation firm with strong roots in North Wales. This truly unique business is run by husband and wife team Anna and Tom Burke, and based in the Optic Centre in St Asaph. Their passion is for communicating a product or message via animation, graphic design and website design.

Animated Technologies has just completed a whirlwind 12 months of expansion and rebranding. Anna and Tom established their business three and a half years ago – leaving employment and the reliability of a monthly pay check to do work that they are passionate about and to adopt a more flexible working lifestyle.

After several successful years in business Anna and Tom decided to refocus on the animation side of their business, and rebranded based on this strength at the end of October 2017. Animation was their real passion, and was also where they found their niche, being the only animation firm in North Wales. With the support of Business Wales they redesigned their business model and began working within their local market in North Wales and the North West of England.

This rebrand has led to them taking a new direction, and as a result taking on more and more business.

As if their expansion during 2017 and 2018 wasn’t enough, the team have even bigger plans for the next 12 months which include establishing a presence in London and hiring their first member of staff. This is all part of their aim to encourage more businesses to think about the possibilities of using video and animation as part of their marketing and PR.

Networking has been a huge part of Animated Technologies’ success. Anna credits getting out and about in order to meet other businesses and pitch what they are about as a big part of their expansion success. They are particularly invested in assisting start-up businesses with the communication of their message. Anna and Tom feel that they truly understand the distinctive position of a start-up business and how important it is to get the messaging right.

Not satisfied with their huge journey to date, Anna and Tom hope to be recognised as an established creative animation company across the UK within the next few years. One of the key things that they feel could help them capitalise on the potential of their business is for the North Wales Growth Deal to take off and start increasing connectivity and unlocking some of the currently untapped potential of the region.

Anna and Tom now feel that the only thing holding them back is the lack of hours in the day! Animated Technologies really is one of the most unique and innovative firms in North Wales, with much more to offer in the coming months and years.

Find out more about Animated Technologies at their website or @Animated_Tech on Twitter.