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26 October 2018

FSB Awards Winner’s story – Newbold Solicitors

Catherine Hartland Watkins of Newbolds Solicitors

Newbolds Solicitors were 2018 FSB Awards winners in the Triumph over Adversity category. Partner Catherine Hartland Watkins reflects on what winning means for their business.

“In 2018 our firm was lucky enough to be winners of the ‘FSB Triumph over Adversity Award’, we also were finalists in the ‘Scale up business of the year 2018’. 

“It was a very exciting time for the firm because our firm is only 8 years old and such a young firm can appear inexperienced to the general public.  Winning the award gave us the credence we needed to propel us onto a national platform. 

“There are many other awards that businesses can apply for, but some have more credibility than others. The FSB award is something people know, respect and can be proud of obtaining.   The firm is continuing to grow from strength to strength and we believe that our success is down to the team we employ, the reputation we have gained in the industry and the support available to us through the FSB.”