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24 October 2018

People Don’t Have a ‘Best Before Date’

FSB is supporting the Welsh Government’s ‘People Don’t Have a ‘Best Before’ Date’ campaign, to help highlight the importance of older workers to Welsh businesses.

By 2022, it’s predicted that one in three people of working age in Wales will be aged 50 or over and classed as an older worker. Older workers bring valuable skills and knowledge to all levels of business. Of the one in three private sector employees over the age of 50 who now expect to retire at a later date then they had envisaged when they were 40, 21% wanted to carry on working because they felt they still had a lot to offer, and 20% planned to stay in work because they enjoy their job.

Many employees over the age of 50 now expect to retire later then they had envisaged when they were 40. But older workers can feel undervalued at work, they’re less likely to receive training then younger employees and can find it more difficult to secure employment when looking for new jobs.

In 2017, ‘People Don’t Have a ‘Best Before’ Date’ launched to challenge stereotypes surrounding older workers and give practical advice on steps businesses can take to retain, retrain and recruit people over the age of 50. Older workers are vital to our economy, and as our population gets older they’ll only become more important. We’re proud to support this campaign by to help ensure Wales has the skills it needs for the future, because people have #nobestbeforedate.