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22 October 2018

FSB Wales Blog - The Financial Game

Tim Hill and his awardTim Hill, Managing Director of Wrexham-based The Financial Game, talks about the impact of winning the Business and Product Innovation Award at the 2018 FSB Awards, both personally and professionally.



“I leapt at the opportunity to enter the FSB Awards as I had no doubt it would give The Financial Game (TFG) exposure and provide credibility to an app which I know has the potential to revolutionise the understanding of finance in the UK and abroad. I am especially passionate about enabling disadvantaged young people to better themselves in the workplace environment as well as increasing productivity in general, which is much needed in the British economy.

“2017 was a rough time for me as I had 37 sessions of radiotherapy between January and March for prostate cancer which was 9 on the Gleeson scale (10 is the maximum aggression). Winning the Business and Product Innovation Award in Wales gave me a huge boost and enabled me to remain positive.

“I have no doubt winning the FSB award contributed to Microsoft adopting and supporting TFG for their Education programme in Windows 10 and 10s software releases. I have also achieved Microsoft Education Partner status and all this helps me remain upbeat, given that four months ago we discovered the tumours have spread to my spine, chest, arms, legs and lymphs.  

“TFG continues to go from strength to strength - with Louisiana State University Innovation Park facilitating the roll out of TFG in the USA through their Soft Landing International Incubator program.”