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07 September 2018

FSB Wales Blog - Hammond ECS - Valleys business is on track for huge achievement

Hammond ECS With their Two UKRIA Awards

Family business Hammond ECS was first established in 1997 by father and son team Allen and Jeff Walker with three employees and a single client. 21 years later, this firm now employs 25 staff in Aberdare, is award winning and has designed their own innovative products which are solving some of the issues facing train users every day.

Hammond ECS was originally established in order to maintain disused railway structures on behalf of the British Railway Board Residuary now the Highways Agency – the company’s first client. In the subsequent years the firm continued to grow working direct for Network Rail, Transport for London, Sustrans and RCTCBC. Such growth led them to develop their own innovation; an adjustable Mountbridge platform which reduces the stepping distance between platforms and trains.

This unique innovation is now established on 6 platforms in England with ambitions for it to be used in Wales. Hammond ECS entered the UK Rail Industry Association Awards and was successful in not one but two awards categories recognising passenger safety and subcontractor of the year.

The Passenger Safety Award recognises the contribution made by the Hammond-developed fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) Mountbridge Platform Upgrade System. Mountbridge installations rectifies stepping distance issues, commonly identified by ‘Mind the Gap’ notices and announcements at rail stations. Reducing the gap to meet current standards improves the passenger experience by both reducing injuries and the time needed to board and alight trains.

Subcontractor of the Year acknowledges the consistent quality of work delivered for well-known principal contractors. These contractors choose subcontractors based on factors including craftsmanship, meeting deadlines, collaborative working and value for money. To be chosen as the top subcontractor honours the commitment of the entire Hammond workforce.

Commenting on their award, Jeff Walker, Director of Hammond ECS, said: “The whole team is proud to have its innovation and quality of work recognised through winning these two national awards. It shows that the values which underpin our company and the projects we deliver are acknowledged by our clients and peers at a national level. This spurs us on to continue our development of Mountbridge and deliver more top-quality client projects.”

After celebrating twenty-one years of the company with two high profile award wins, Hammond ECS aims to continue to raise the profile of the company and to work towards bringing a Mountbridge platform to Wales. Hammond ECS’ performance over the course of two decades demonstrates the hugely important journey that a Welsh business can undertake growing from local roots to a significant local employer and competitive organisation across the UK.