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10 July 2018

FSB Wales Blog - Putting Welsh language at the centre of business

Swyddle is a recruitment firm unlike many others. Based in Cardiff Bay, the firm focuses on supporting businesses to hire Welsh speaking staff across the country.

Established in 2014 Dafydd Henry and Alun Gruffudd, Swyddle was born when the Welsh Government introduced a Welsh Language Measure, which presented an exciting moment for the school friends to go into business together. They now use Welsh as a unique selling point in business and highlight the diverse role of the language in business.
Cana Deli

Alun and Dafydd started the business with just two laptops, a website and their passion for the opportunities offered by the Welsh language. Their ambition was to help businesses see the use of Welsh as a viable commercial opportunity, and to make a meaningful contribution to a truly bilingual Wales.

They chose the recruitment sector as it was a practical way of doing things without just telling people what to do. For Swyddle, recruitment is an investment in people.

Welsh language is a huge part of our Welsh identity and heritage, and there is no better time for a business such as Swyddle to operate given the Welsh Government’s aspiration that there be a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

bwrddIn business, use of Welsh language can open up a host of new opportunities for those businesses interested in pursuing it. From bilingual shop signs to Welsh greetings or email signatures, these small actions can make the business even more accessible to those that are Welsh speaking. One of the most effective and cost-efficient means of achieving a bilingual service is employing Welsh speaking staff and Swyddle aims to make the recruitment process as easy and accessible as possible, by drawing on their Wales-wide network of bilingual candidates.

Between them, the team at Swyddle have over 30 years of experience in marketing and recruitment, and as well as supporting bilingual recruitment, can assist a business looking to boost its use of the Welsh language. Alun and Dafydd believe that whilst Scotland is known for whiskey, and Ireland is known for Guinness, Wales is most famous for its language and culture, and that is something we should all be proud to represent along with being a great commercial asset.

Swyddle have now moved into new offices in Cardiff Bay, and are now focused on elevating their profile as they build the longevity of their company. They were recently the winners of the FSB Wales Welsh in Business Award and will continue building on their success to fulfil their ultimate ambition of being a go-to business resource in Wales.