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05 December 2017

FSB Wales Blog - Profit for purpose with Maykher

MaykherMaykher is a profit-with-purpose company, which produces women’s accessories through ethical employment and fair wages.

The idea for Maykher came about around 2 years ago. Founded by Heidi and Jon, whose passion about issues of poverty and inequality faced by women around the world, as well as the education of girls prompted them to take action on a cause close to their hearts. Their research found that 130 million girls are out of education across the world.

Why is this? Because inequalities issues are still devastating acute in many areas of the world and because frequently poverty means that boys are prioritised over girls when it comes to education With her background in fashion, Heidi realised that she had an opportunity to use what she knew to do some good by launching a business that supported ethical employment, and used the profits to reinvest in educating young women.. She set about looking for artisan groups in order to offer fair wages for them to produce women’s accessories.

It initially took 18 months to find three artisan groups in Haiti, India and Guatemala. The artisan groups provide employment opportunities, personal and professional development, mental health support, literacy lessons, nutrition and wellbeing. The ethos behind this work is to stop poverty at its core; educating girls is a viable solution to ending poverty completely.

Heidi and Jon crowdfunded for their first project and are now launching their new line. Maykher wants to be the sustainable solution to a problem, and will continue to invest at least 10% of their profits into getting more girls into school.

 Two Maykher Wallets  Maykher Workshop


The more that the business can grow, the more impact that it can have around the world. The plans for the business over the coming months are to continue to grow the number of artisan groups that they work with and to work with new countries in order to harness new skills in places such as Africa, Nepal and Asia.

The long-term goal of the organisation is to get as many girls as possible into education. The more profit that the company can generate, the more young women can benefit from an education.

Heidi hopes to see a fashion revolution continue whereby people are considerate about the origin of the clothes they buy, and they weigh up the costs and benefits of the “fast fashion” trend against investing in clothes that have a positive journey and impact.

Maykher represents purchase with a purpose, and may literally change the world for young women across many continents.