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15 October 2019

Environment Bill strengthens roots of change

Responding to the release of the Government’s Environment Bill, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Mike Cherry said: “After years of fragmented environment policy, we welcome the Government setting out a long-term environmental strategy with a clear direction of travel.

“Setting long term targets, to address serious issues like air pollution and plastic waste is a positive move as it will allow businesses to plan ahead and adapt. But not all businesses will find it easy to make changes quickly, and many will require additional support.

“While many small firms are doing their bit in meeting the challenges of creating a low carbon and sustainable economy, others will need time and support to play their part. The Government must use the momentum of change created by today’s bill to set out a clear and defined roadmap on how all small businesses are going to be supported to transition to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable economy.

“Small firms come in all shapes and sizes – understanding these differences is paramount in developing this roadmap. The Government has shown a willingness to work with small businesses in developing the Environment Bill. We hope that this spirit of engagement continues so that we can ensure that all small businesses can play their part in the green revolution.

“The UK is best able to meet its environmental ambitions by working co-operatively with the UK’s 5.8 million small businesses.”