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31 October 2017

Scottish micro-firm: 5 ways an FSB award gave us a boost

Winning Microbusiness of the year at the FSB Awards delivered a huge boost for my business, as well as a great night out for the team here at Kate Davies Designs. If you’ve not got your application in for this year’s awards here are my top 5 reasons for entering: 

  1. Reputation (and sales)

    From when Kate Davies Designs was shortlisted to when we won the award, my business’s reputation received an enormous boost.

    It’s a sad truth that, in some contexts, businesses run by women in fields such as mine are taken less seriously. We’ve worked hard for our success, and are really proud of what we do and it meant an awful lot for our efforts to receive recognition from the wider small business community, as well as to be congratulated by our friends, customers, and suppliers. Whether you end up being an award-winner or are simply on the shortlist, receiving an accolade from the FSB undoubtedly increases confidence in your brand. And no-one can argue with the increase in sales that extra publicity always brings.  

  2. Kate Davies - Kate Davies Designs

    Team Talent and Motivation

    We are a small team here at Kate Davies Designs, there’s only four of us and that’s including the dog. Getting nominated for—and then going on to win— an FSB award massively boosted our morale.

  3. Media Coverage

    Another handy boost from wining an award is all the free media coverage. You can give your local papers a ring to let them know the good news but there’s also national coverage courtesy of the FSB. Being mentioned in both national and local contexts is a no-brainer for getting your brand out to a much larger audience

  4. Social Media Profile

    Here at Kate Davies Designs we try and use social media in new and creative ways when promoting our business and products. Entering the awards certainly helped. From being tagged by the FSB national accounts to tweeting ourselves using the hashtag (#FSBAwards) we opened ourselves up to wider exposure and engagement with businesses and customers that we perhaps wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

  5. Making new Contacts 

    As a business owner, I always like to hear more about other successful businesses, how they work, what makes them tick. It was fascinating to chat to other shortlisted businesses at the award ceremonies, and to hear more about the interesting and innovative enterprises being run by FSB members across the country. We went away inspired, as well as making many useful contacts.

Kate Davies is an independent publisher and knitwear designer who won the award for microbusiness of the year in 2016 with Kate Davies Designs

Get your entries in for the FSB Scotland Awards by the 24th November at