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25 May 2017

The SNP's Callum McCaig talks small business and the General Election

FSB spoke with Callum McCaig, SNP candidate for Aberdeen South ahead of the upcoming General Election. 

Why should smaller business owners in Scotland vote for the SNP?  Callum McCaig - SNP

Small Business owners should vote SNP because we are the party that listens to them and offers the practical support they need to thrive in competitive markets. Under the SNP, the number of businesses in Scotland has gone up by more than 90,000.  

What are your party’s top three policies that would help Scottish smaller firms and the self-employed? 

  • The Small Business Bonus Scheme is supporting 100,000 small businesses by reducing or removing business rates for them, which is really taking the pressure off of the overheads they may have previously been facing.

  • We know that being a small business in Scotland also means potentially being an international business so connectivity it’s extremely important. That’s why we are investing £400million to deliver superfast broadband to 95% of properties in Scotland by 2017, and will ensure that figure hits 100% by 2021.

  • And of course there is the £500 million Scottish Growth Scheme which over three years is providing support to small and medium size businesses get the investment they need to grow.

What’s been your favourite small business that you’ve visited while campaigning? 

I’ve met a number of amazing businesses right across Scotland and picking a favourite isn’t easy, but as a bit of a coffee lover (and with all political campaigns running on caffeine) I’m going to pick a local Aberdeen company Caber Coffee. Like a lot of small businesses Caber is run by people who love their job, love their product and have a contagious enthusiasm that helps them supply coffee, coffee machines and training to businesses across the North East.


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