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11 June 2019

Strong jobs figures should not be taken for granted

The publication of the Quarterly Employment Survey and Labour Market Report, both released today, show private sector jobs at their highest ever level and the Northern Ireland employment rate at a joint record high. Responding, FSB NI Policy Chair, Tina McKenzie said that the positive job figures should not be taken for granted as firms continue to face uncertainty about the future landscape.

Commenting, Tina McKenzie said:

“These further positive employment figures are certainly to be welcomed, showing the dynamism of our local SMEs who continue to create jobs in uncertain conditions, serving as the engine room of the local economy.

“We must however not take these figures for granted, other economic indices have shown some signs of a slowdown ahead. FSB’s latest Small Business Index showed that 7 out of 10 firms aren’t expecting performance to improve in the next quarter.

“In order to create the right economic landscape for smaller businesses to prosper, the incoming Prime Minister must remedy the Brexit impasse as soon as possible. In Northern Ireland, the political parties must find consensus to restore devolved government, so important projects, such as on broadband and infrastructure, can progress and small businesses can receive the support they deserve.”