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Brendan Kearney

Brendan Kearney

Regional Chairman

Having run several manufacturing and service businesses, I am passionate about SMEs and understand the daily challenges they face.

I have served as FSB NI Regional Chair for the past year, meeting members, understanding their concerns and helping represent them both within FSB, and to the political establishment – from Councils to all levels of Government.

I am seeking your support to continue as your NI Regional Chair. If elected, I propose to:

  • Lobby for continuation of FSB’s  Small Business Rates Relief – worth £20 million annually to our sector.
  • Ensure FSB continues to offer the best benefits and events package, increasing recruitment and retention
  • Ensure FSB remains the largest and most influential business organisation 
  • Develop a panel of local business people to help small businesses in all sectors across the region
  • Ensure FSB captures the issues affecting members, and raises them with key decision-makers to achieve good outcomes.

Much of my business life has been in the manufacturing and retail aspects of the catering sector, employing several dozen people. More recently, as my family took on the daily responsibilities in that business, I expanded into Financial Services, building an insurance business. 

This has equipped me with a wide range of skills across a number of sectors that are directly relevant to my ability to represent FSB’s large and diverse membership. 

Aside from my own business experience, I have served in several volunteer positions with FSB, initially in the late 1990’s and again in the past three years, as Vice Chair and latterly as Regional Chair, helping to advance FSB’s ‘Refresh’ programme that has seen a huge increase in the activity and profile of the organisation in the last year. If elected, I will continue to apply my skills, knowledge and experience to ensure our members are strongly represented.