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Business Support in Wales

The Issue

For small businesses to compete, grow and stay current they often benefit from support. Business support in Wales is primarily provided by the Welsh Government body Business Wales. However, our members have reported: 

  • A patchy quality of service.
  • A lack of integration between Business Wales and the Welsh Government’s finance body Finance Wales.
  • A lack of research into the requirements of small businesses in Wales.
  • Insufficient evaluation of which schemes are the most effective at meeting their needs.

Action FSB have taken

  • FSB Wales is calling for the creation of a Small Business Administration (SBA) for Wales.
  • This would bring training, business support activities, access to finance and procurement for Welsh businesses together.
  • We want a SBA for Wales to act as an advocate for the small business sector, inside government and the civil service.
  • We’re calling for the activities of a dedicated SBA Wales to be informed by the work of a specialist research centre.

Our Goal

We want to create a unified approach to supporting businesses in Wales. We want a SBA that is better informed about the needs of our members and better placed to meet those needs.