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EU Funding

Connecting Europe Facility energy funding if there's no Brexit deal:

European Regional Development Funding if there’s no Brexit deal:

European Social Fund (ESF) grants if there’s no Brexit deal:

Funding for UK LIFE projects if there’s no Brexit deal:

Horizon 2020 funding if there's no Brexit deal:

The government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal:

The UK Government has provided a guarantee of funding for all of the below:

  • The full 2014 -20 Multiannual Framework (MFF) allocation for Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), and European Regional and Development Funds (ERDF). New bids for funding under the ERDF, ESF (European Social Fund) and European Territorial Co-operation Projects, post exit day will be guaranteed by the Government until the programme closes at the end of the MFF
  • The payment of awards where UK organisations successfully bid directly to the European Commission (e.g. through projects such as Horizon 2020) on a competitive basis until the end of 2020
  • The payment of awards for successful bids where the UK organisations are able to participate as a third country in competitive grant programmes from exit day until the end of the programme. However there are exceptions. For example, this does not apply to bids under the SME instrument in Horizon 2020 where a SME is awarded a grant after 19/03/19 or applies for one after 29/03/19.