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Wow Your Customers with Genuine Customer Care

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  • 15 October 2015

Good customer care is absolutely essential in modern business. Customers will return time and time again to businesses that wow them with great service. And these customers also tend to share their great experiences with friends and family. In fact, at the Federation of Small Businesses, our members tell us that good customer care is a critical success factor for their business, and an area in which they are investing heavily. So what can you do to develop a customer-centric ethos in your own SME business?

Wow Your Customers with Genuine Customer Care

Remember the importance of first impressions

Customers remember the first time they encounter a business, and this first impression is a core component of the brand. Make sure your customer-facing staff are well presented, smart, personable and comprehensively trained so that they can help customers resolve their issues first time. Invest heavily in your front end team as they will effectively deliver every first impression.

Always offer solutions

Train your customer teams to be solution-focused and empower them to go the extra mile, even if that means offering a little extra, a discount, a bunch of flowers or another means of keeping the customer happy. Especially if something goes wrong.

Respond quickly

Customers expect rapid responses to their queries in an increasingly digital world. Businesses which can respond in real time will typically have a significant advantage. Consider investing in online chat capabilities on your website and a staffed contact centre team.

Bring personality into your communications

Bring your brand to life with a warm, helpful and customer-centric personality. Allow this to shine through in communications and you really will win your customers over.

Go the extra mile - and empower your staff to do the same

Customers love businesses that make a real effort to serve them and they tend to be loyal to those businesses. Allow your staff room to offer extra help where needed.

Remember that no sale is final - keep in touch

Retain your customer details and keep in regular touch with a newsletter, social media or other communication, including competitions and surveys to encourage on-going engagement.

Identify barriers to sales

Your operation may have barriers that are preventing sales from progressing; glitch in the website, a lack of stock availability, poorly trained sales staff or another obvious blocker. Make sure you re-engineer your business processes to solve any such issues.

Build relationships

Customers love to have relationships with brands that they are passionate about. Build this with regular engagement, valuable communications and by showing commitment to your loyal customers in providing incentives and little extras from time to time.

Keep it simple

An overly complex marketing strategy may lead to overly confused customers! Keep it simple by focusing on what customers really want: a helpful customer services team; easy ordering experience; seamless fulfilment; the opportunity to buy add-on products; and a simple and trustworthy returns process. Throw in regular communications and gestures to show that loyal customers are valued and rewarded, and you will notice a real difference to your retention ratios and bottom line.

These steps should help you to build a strong customer-centric culture within your business and to reap the rewards of a loyal and satisfied customer base.

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