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Why is energy efficiency important?

  • 28 March 2018

All businesses will have an amount they spend on energy usage. From keeping the lights on and the office warm, to powering machinery and running a production line, most processes within a business will incur an energy cost.

Managing your business’ energy usage and ensuring it is as efficient as possible can have a huge impact on a business. We highlight the reasons why assessing your energy efficiency is important.

Why is energy efficiency important?

Environmental impact

From a corporate social responsibility (CSR) standpoint, reviewing your energy usage to lower your environmental impact can be good for a business.

Not only does it help you work towards reducing your impact on your environment, but it also helps portray your business in a positive light. Especially if you are one of the leaders in your industry in terms of finding new, more energy efficient and economical ways of operating.

Business savings

The most important part of running your business with an energy efficient mind-set is the amount you stand to save on your energy costs.

Reducing energy wastage, and making your energy usage more economical can reduce the amount you pay in fees and bills to energy suppliers. This can help you reduce the amount you have to budget for energy costs, and give you additional funds which can be saved or reinvested back into your business.

It’s important to bear  in mind that there is a cost involved in becoming energy efficient, with multiple processes involved. Some of these processes could include:

  • Audits to identify areas where savings can be made
  • Costs for buying new equipment e.g. solar panels
  • Costs for installation

The initial costs may be high, but the long-term savings to a business and the benefit to the environment can be substantial. This gives you additional funds further down the line to reinvest into your business, allowing you to expand and develop your business further.