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Why do I need card payments?

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  • 14 February 2017

In business you need to be able to process financial transactions, whether that’s for you to pay for services or customers to pay for yours and your products.

In a retail or sales environment having the ability to process card payments is especially important. It also has a number of benefits, not only to the public but for your business too.

Why do I need card payments?


Being able to provide a convenient payment method is crucial in any transaction. You should aim to provide people with the means to pay easily, without ensuring they have the right cash or need to process a cheque.

In the event of having to process a refund for a customer, a card transaction is also better for you. This is because the money is returned directly to the customer’s account, without you having you deduct cash from the till. This can be problematic in the event of large transactions, especially early in the day when a till float probably won’t be topped up by transactions to provide enough money for a refund.

Cards also provide a means to process payments quickly – as explained below. This is very convenient in a busy retail environment, especially during Christmas or other busy periods, where impulse buys and big purchases are commonplace. It can also be a huge benefit to your customers, by providing them with the money in their bank account, not just the cash they have on them.


As mentioned, card transactions are often faster to process than other forms of payment. This means they are better suited to busy, transactions for heavy businesses, such as high-street shops.

However, this doesn’t mean that being able to process a card payment is purely for retailers. While sole traders and tradesmen often rely on cheques to be processed for payment, a mobile card terminal could be used to process payment in any location.

The advent of contactless technology has made it possible for customers to pay much faster than ever before. It also helps to encourage the idea of an impulse buy, which can be paid for separately with minimal fuss and hassle.


Card payments can also be processed safely and securely, including when making transactions using terminals and websites.

Banks provide security on card transactions to protect customers from fraud and when processing payments online.

Knowing that your payments are secure is reassuring to your customers. For a business, it also means money is placed directly into your business account, protecting your income in the event of theft or fire.

How can FSB help with my card transactions?

FSB members can benefit from a range of services to assist with providing and processing debit and credit card transactions.

This can include helping businesses to get set up with mobile card payment terminals. Alongside these terminals, we also provide additional services to assist with card payment processing.

Benefits for members, include:

  • Providing customers with more ways to pay – helping to increase sales
  • Improving cash flow, with payments going directly to your business account
  • Help and support to become PCI compliant
  • Discounts on terminal rental
  • Scaleable options for accepting payments
  • 24/7 UK help desk

To find out more about how card payments can benefit your business, get in touch with a member of our team or visit the FSB Card Payment Processing page.

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