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Where do I need to consider employment protection?

Employment protection is intended to ensure your business operates in line with employment law and legislation.

This helps to protect your business and your employees in the event of an issue that escalates to an employment tribunal. But what are the key areas where you should consider employment protection in your company? This guide aims to explain the areas where it’s key to protect your business, and how employment protection can benefit you if something does go wrong.

Where do I need to consider employment protection


Taking on new staff should be a clearly defined process, from how the initial search and interviews are conducted to outlining your induction procedure. This ensures you don’t miss anything during the process, including:

  • Contracts
  • Key training elements
  • Site tours
  • Health and safety training
  • Outlining employee and company procedures, such as holiday allowance and sick days

Ensuring you cover all-important aspects of your business, and you make certain your employees understand their duties, can help avoid problems that might lead to a tribunal. Such problems can develop from staff not understanding duties or health and safety procedures, or not having a proper working contract.


As part of a new staff member’s induction, they should be made aware of the disciplinary procedure that’s in place within your business.

Staff should know what is expected of them, what will and won’t be tolerated, and the processes in place concerning serious violations of your company policy.

This can include:

  • Verbal and written warnings
  • Meetings
  • Final warnings and dismissal
  • Anything which constitutes immediate dismissal, such as theft

As with the processes for hiring staff, these processes should be fully documented to ensure no mistakes are made when handling problems with employees. This includes those that could lead to a claim of unfair dismissal.


Sometimes, in a business, the staff have problems that they need to raise. This could be an issue with how part of the business is run or a complaint about another employee.

Failure to deal with these issues effectively can cause problems to escalate. Not acknowledging a problem could also be detrimental to your business. For instance, there could be an issue with staff stealing from your business. Or a health and safety issue might have been bought to your attention that hasn’t been dealt with properly.

Inaction in these areas can lead to losses for your business, or health and safety violations and accidents, which can see legal complaints being upheld against your company.

How can FSB help with my employment protection?

Employment protection begins with ensuring you have clear-cut processes in place in key areas of your business to help stop issues arising.

However, this won’t stop all problems arising and, in the event that an issue escalates, you might be required to attend an employment tribunal. This legal hearing requires legal counsel and can be costly for a business.

Members of FSB are given access to our Employment Protection services. These services are designed to provide their businesses with up-to-date information on employment law and legislation in the UK, helping to better protect themselves and their staff.

Having access to advice and guidance to navigate a complaint can be vital in helping to protect a business.

FSB members, as part of our Employment Protection services, receive access to:

  • An employment advice helpline, allowing various issues to be discussed with qualified lawyers
  • Tribunal insurance – Access to specialised legal representation to defend an employment tribunal claim
  • Our online Legal Information Hub, offering access to downloadable and customisable employment documentation
  • Cover for up to £50,000 per claim

To find out more about how our Employment Protection services could benefit your business, visit our FSB Employment Protection page.

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