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When should you review your cyber protection

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  • 22 September 2017

In today’s always-online and interconnected world, the threat of data breaches, viruses, and hacks is ever-present. Implementing a broad and robust cyber protection policy is an effective way to help minimise the threat to your business. But a cyber protection policy isn’t something you can create and forget at the start of your company. You should always try to make sure your equipment and data is as safe as possible, which means reviewing your policy at certain intervals.

When are the best times to review and update your cyber protection?

When should you review your cyber protection

A constantly evolving landscape

One of the main things to be aware of in cyber protection is that there are always new threats emerging. Hackers will often code new variants of existing malware in order to steal private information and compromise your protection. Aside from this, hackers and security experts alike will spend their time searching for previously-unknown hidden vulnerabilities in software either to exploit or to shore up security.

Think of the WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017. Hackers discovered and took advantage of an exploit in the Windows operating system in order to steal private data and hold it to ransom. Because of the lack of awareness around the potential exploit, hackers were able to use this exploit for their own gain.

Thanks to the severity of the attack, a patch was swiftly implemented which closed the vulnerability. While existing viruses are always being spread through unsecured PCs and networks, new ones are always being created too.

However, many do not have the widespread impact that malware such as WannaCry did, and it may be the case that the widespread impact and coverage of WannaCry played a large part in the exploit being patched within three days by Microsoft.

Keeping up with your operating systems

As operating systems develop older versions eventually get phased out. For example, at the time of WannaCry, official support was offered as far back as Windows 7. However, this attack was unprecedented in that Windows also patched Vista and XP, which were outside of Microsoft’s official support window.

However, the only reason older operating systems were patched was because of the scale of the attack, and because some NHS services still used these older operating systems. This is why you should try and make sure your operating systems are officially supported as much as possible.

Your anti-virus programs should always be kept up to date, but whenever a major update to an operating system, or a new version of an operating system, is released, you should review your cyber security to ensure that you are still within a window of official protection.

Keeping up with new business additions

Over time, your business may grow larger and you may expand to additional premises, the scope of your business may change, or you may choose to add a new service to your business. You may even simply take on a new major hire that will impact the way you currently operate.

In times of major change such as these, it would be a good opportunity to review your cyber protection. For example, adding an accounting service might bring with it some software that you’re unfamiliar with, which means you could use it as an opportunity to incorporate the new service into your cyber protection policy, highlighting the confidentiality obligations you have when it comes to protecting the financial data of your customers, and how your staff should conduct themselves when it comes to best practise using the systems.

How FSB can help

Whenever something significant changes, whether that’s within your business itself, or in the technological landscape, reviewing your cyber protection can help your business, your clients, and all confidential data stay secure at all times.

FSB’s Cyber Protection service provides you with automatic access to:

  • A data and cyber advice line manned by cyber security experts
  • Access to an online database filled with information on a variety of data and cyber security matters
  • £10,000 worth of cover for third party data and cyber liability claims

To find out more, take a look at our page, or get in touch with a member of our team now.

To find out more about cyber protection and how we can help you protect your business visit our FSB Cyber Protection page. Cyber protection is included as standard with the FSB Business Essentials package. To find out more visit our package comparison page to compare benefits of our packages.

Cyber Protection from FSB

FSB Cyber Protection includes an insurance policy with cover of up to £10,000 and an unlimited use helpline to answer all your Cyber Security questions.

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