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What to look for in a pension scheme for your employees

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  • 24 January 2017

All employees have to be enrolled into a pension scheme by April 2017. But providing a pension for your staff isn’t just about making sure they have a stream of money going from their monthly pay packet into a secure pot of cash. There are different factors that can make a pension scheme the right choice for your employees.

So what makes a good pension package for your staff and what should you look for when choosing a provider?

What to look for in a pension scheme for your employees

Staff value, investments and costs

When considering a pension package for your staff, it’s wise to choose a provider with schemes that appeal to the different employees you have. It’s important to make sure the company can provide your workforce with some good investment options with product offerings that are value for money.

This could include low-risk investment options for the more cautious older worker, and equity-based funds for younger employees, such as those who will be investing for more than 30 years. You should make sure your pension scheme allows your staff’s contributions to provide reasonable and profitable avenues throughout their time with you and up until retirement. 

The scheme should also have a good default fund; one that’s robust with low fees. This is because many employees (like those with little financial knowledge) will probably choose this fund if there are a lot of options to choose from.

When it comes to costs, it’s worth pointing out that you don’t want to be accused of setting up a scheme that’s cost-effective for you but not your workforce. So it’s worth comparing costs of different pension provider schemes, and looking at any tax implications they might have, before deciding which is best for your staff.

Simplicity and credibility 

Simplicity can be key when choosing a pension scheme, especially, as mentioned, because some employees might have little financial knowledge to help them make their choices. While your staff should be given the opportunity to understand the scheme and its structure, they should still be protected if they don’t want to make decisions about their savings.

It’s important to find a pension provider that meets all governmental obligations, has a good track record and is credible. The pension provider you choose should be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). People working for the provider should be professionally qualified in handling and investing people’s money. The company’s experts should also be able to explain how the scheme is compliant.

To obtain this kind of information, you should be prepared to do your research, consider looking at a provider’s background and scrutinize the different pension packages they offer.

Support and communication

A pension provider that regularly communicates with your employees and offers them support is also important. Your staff should feel confident that they’re saving money with their pension and that their financial goals can be achieved, which is helping to secure their future.

Your employees should also be able to easily communicate with your pension provider, if they wish to, and give feedback about the services they use.

In supporting your staff, it’s helpful if the provider can send them regular statements and other information, explaining:

  • How much money they have saved
  • How their investments are progressing
  • What their projected savings will be when they have reached retirement
  • If their retirement income goal can be achieved with their current contributions

Some providers will offer higher quality communication and more support, such as when employees near retirement, but for a fee. While these services can come with additional charges, they can also be beneficial to your staff.

How FSB can help with a pension for your employees

To ensure that our members’ employees are protected and supported by an effective pension ahead of April 2017, FSB provides a straightforward workplace pension scheme from leading UK provider Legal & General.

The FSB Workplace Pension service can provide ongoing support options, including:

  • Flexible transfer and consolidation options for you and your employees
  • Assistance to help you to comply with the law
  • An employee engagement pack with website, tools and useful information

To find out how we can set up a pension scheme for your business that can benefit your employees, please visit our FSB Workplace Pensions page or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.

FSB Workplace Pensions from FSB

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