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What support is there to become more energy efficient?

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  • 27 January 2017

A business has a number of overheads – costs to keep it running. One of the biggest overheads for a company can be its energy bills.

Heating, lighting, water, and the power needed to power tools and equipment can incur heavy costs for a business.

We highlight the help available to make your business more energy efficient and save money.

What support is there to become more energy efficient?

Assessing usage

Working out where you can make changes and yield savings on your energy bills is a case of assessing your energy usage to see where the potential issues are. For instance, looking at where in your business higher volumes of energy are being used.

One method of doing this is with an energy survey.

Surveys help you to assess usage across a range of areas of your business, looking at how your company utilises water, heating, gas and electricity. The results of this survey can be used to identify areas of your business, including the premises and equipment you use, which could be more energy efficient and, as a result, save you money.

For example, the survey may uncover that an older part of the building you operate from uses more energy for heating. Due to the age of the building, this could mean that energy efficiency could be improved by, for instance, renovating the existing heating system, replacing old windows, or looking at installing more modern insulation to retain warmth.

Energy surveys can also identify opportunities for your business to use greener, renewable energy options, such as solar and wind power. While these renewable options can be costly to install, there are funding solutions available.


There are several funding options available to business in order to help them become more environmentally conscious.

Options for funding can include:

  • Loans from banks
  • Specialised grants from energy providers
  • Local government funding

All of these options are designed to provide businesses with the means to ensure they becomes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

This could be done by installing renewable energy sources to ease your usage and reliance on the national grid, or to ensure your business runs in a much more energy efficient manner.

Improving your energy efficiency wherever possible can save your business money on annual bills. Energy wastage is a major contributor to increased energy use and, subsequently, increased costs on energy bills.

How can FSB help with energy efficiency?

FSB members have access to our energy service, designed to help businesses save money on their energy bills by securing lower, better rates.

The service includes:

  • Prices for a panel of 19 business energy suppliers
  • Support and advice
  • Access to surveys and audits
  • Access to funding to assist in improving energy efficiency
  • Energy procurement

To find out more about how FSB can help with your business’s energy needs, get in touch with a member of the team or visit our FSB Energy page.

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