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What’s the benefit to a workplace pension?

Workplace pensions are now a mandatory government scheme for all businesses with at least one employee, but what is the logic behind making them mandatory, and what benefits do they provide to businesses?

What’s the benefit to a workplace pension?

Incentivising your staff’s preparation for the future

Workplace pensions are a simple way to supplement your workforce’s retirement income, and to end up gaining more money than they have invested into it. This is because workplace pensions grow their pot in three ways: Employer contributions, staff contributions, and government tax relief.

Eventually, the contributions will be a minimum of 3% from the workplace, and 5% from the employee by April 2019, with basic rate tax relief coming from the employee’s contribution.

Though the loss of some monthly salary to a pension scheme may be inconvenient to some staff more than others, the government’s reason for mandatory workplace pensions is that not enough of today’s workforce are saving anything for retirement. With this scheme, no one leaving the workforce will have to survive on just the basic state pension upon retirement, meaning a much more comfortable level of disposable income in later life.

Think, for example, about the employees in the workforce who, for whatever reason, won’t have been able to contribute enough National Insurance credit before retirement to qualify for the full state pension. Though rare, these cases help demonstrate the benefits of a workplace pension: For those with a full pension, it will supplement what they have available, but for those who won’t get a full pension, it ensures that they won’t have to struggle financially when they do retire.

The earlier your staff are enrolled into a workplace pension, the better the eventual retirement fund will be, which certainly suggests that younger staff members will get more out of the scheme. However, older staff members closer to retirement still stand to benefit.  No matter how few years a staff member may be paying into a scheme, employer contributions and tax relief on top of that still mean they stand to benefit long term.

Hassle free saving

With a workplace pension, very little to no effort is needed to kickstart the savings of all the company’s staff. The government’s own pension scheme, NEST, makes registering and enrolling your staff simple, while the money is automatically deducted from staff payslips each month.

Here, the benefits are twofold. Firstly, staff don’t actually have to do anything themselves to grow their pension fund. Secondly, NEST has been set up by the government specifically to handle automatic enrolment, ensuring that it is as simple a process as possible for companies registering themselves and their staff.

On top of the simplicity of enrolment through NEST, there is also the added benefit of NEST being a public body that is fully accountable to the Government, ensuring your funds are taken care of. This also means that they charge only the bare minimum in fees: being a public body, they have no need to push for a high profit, charging only enough to cover running costs. 

That isn’t to suggest NEST is your only choice, however. There are a wide variety of pension providers and each will have their own individual benefits and drawbacks for you to consider, ensuring that you find the scheme that worked for you and your business.

There are many things to consider when it comes to signing your staff up to a workplace pension, but ensuring the long term financial wellbeing of everyone in your company is a vitally important service all the same. You could also read into this further by reading our blog about the different types of workplace pension.

How can FSB help with my workplace pension scheme?

FSB members also have access to our Workplace Pensions service. This is designed specifically to help our members provide their staff with a fully compliant pension scheme.

The service features:

  • Access to leading pensions provider in Legal & General
  • A one-off set-up charge including help and advice, starting at £399 +VAT
  • A Freephone helpline offering full support and guidance
  • Access to detailed information, education and admin tools for you and your employees
  • Ability to transfer pensions if an employee leaves your company

To find out more about how our workplace pension scheme can help you establish your pension scheme, get in touch with a member of our team or visit our FSB Workplace Pensions page.

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