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What independent financial advice services are available?

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  • 03 January 2017

As a business owner, there are many occasions where you might need advice. This could be advice on the services and benefits you offer your staff, financial advice, or guidance on investments or retirement.

This advice can help guide you towards the right services that will deliver the most effective results for a business.

We explain why using independent financial advice is important and what services are available to businesses.

What independent financial advice services are available?


Businesses are unique, with their own circumstances to consider and ways of operating. This can mean when you need help with an issue, or specific services to help your business, you might not necessarily know where to look, or what the solution to a problem may be.

When seeking out advice for your company, an independent viewpoint is beneficial because it is from outside your business. It allows you to have someone take an objective look at your business and suggest solutions that might not have been obvious internally.

Knowing the issues that surround your business, and being open when discussing them with a specialist advisor, can help. It can allow you to find the most suitable financial solutions that meet your business’s needs.

What advice is available

Advice services can cover a range of areas designed to help your business. This includes:

  • Business health checks – looking at your business’s financial situation and suggesting the means to secure funding and help your business grow.
  • Investment advice – looking at how to grow your business through investment, such as in new equipment, technologies and service providers. Advice is also available to help you find opportunities for investment in other businesses.
  • Business protection – helping you to understand the ways to protect your business, such as with insurance or intellectual property protection.
  • Staff schemes – giving you insight into setting up work place pensions and other employee benefits effectively.
  • Retirement planning – guidance on how to handle your business affairs as you approach retirement, such as winding up your company, staff relocation, or handing over control of the business to someone else.

Understanding what your business needs can often help in directing you towards the relevant service providers, who can assist with your specific issue.