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Welcome to the FSB Small Business Blog

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  • 16 October 2015

Information overload. We have all been there. We hear buzz words everywhere. Whenever you switch on the telly, read the newspaper, go online, someone is mentioning yet another new development, new legislation, a brand new concept. In the hectic schedule of an already busy life just getting everything done, you wonder: what on earth is that , and, more importantly, how long will it take me to get up to speed with it?

We all have too much life to fit into our time. By starting our first ever Small Business Blog, we hope that we can provide you with snippets of useful, relevant information in an easy to digest, compact format. We hope to cover topics you'll find interesting and perhaps some questions you might have about everything ranging from social media to auto enrolment.

Our first article covers some quick and easy tips on improving your social media presence. These small changes might help get you noticed for all the right reasons when competing for the fleeting attention of today's on the go consumer.

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