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Want everyone to love what you do? 8 ways to make your small business fun!

  • 15 July 2016

Running a small business is tough, it’s hard work and sometimes you deserve to have a little fun. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to ensure that you, your employees and (most importantly) your customers are having a great time.

Want everyone to love what you do? 8 ways to make your small business fun!

For your employee(s)

Decorate your office

Does your work environment reflect your small business and it’s ethos? Is there room for improvement? If so put together a plan for enhancing the aesthetics, this might include wall art, innovative storage solutions or lighting. Making your office feel a bit more like a home will encourage staff to stay longer and possibly even work harder! Who would want to leave such a beautiful office?

Dress down days

Many office environments now operate with a relaxed dress code, but if you don’t then consider having a dress down day every so often.

Employee of the month

Make sure your staff know how valuable they are to you and the business by celebrating their successes! Decorate a wall where you can display employee of the month... you could even buy a crown.


Don’t just look at a trip as a day away from the office, look at it as teambuilding. A great way to engage with your employees and get to know them (if you don’t already). You should also think about annual lunches where the team get together to think of ideas for the business.

For the business


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: everybody loves a freebie! If you have the opportunity to run a competition then go for it. Use social media to promote it and make sure you include an image of what the lucky winner will receive. Shares and engagement can gain you followers and valuable leads. Just remember to fulfil your promise once entry time is over, pick a winner and deliver the prize.

Offer loyalty rewards

Lots of small businesses take advantage of this idea. From coffee shops to book stores; the loyalty card is alive and well. Think carefully about what you will offer in exchange for a complete card; make sure you can cope with the demand if all your cards come back complete.


Nothing says “welcome to our office” like free snacks! Little touches like this really make your workspace more inviting. 

Step up your social presence 

There is absolutely no point in putting in all the hard work offline if you’re not willing to build a social presence online. Make sure potential clients can find you quickly and easily.