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Thinking of setting up a video blog? Here are our top tips!

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  • 15 August 2016

In recent years, video blogging (we will refer to it from here on in as “vlogging”) has become one of the more popular methods used when communicating with the outside world. The concept itself is quite simple, you record or stream your thoughts and feelings on a particular subject and upload it to the internet.

YouTube is full of vlogs and many of the vloggers that began posting there are now well-known household names. It’s really become a career in itself of the past few years. So don’t you think it’s time you started vlogging too?

Vlogging can be extremely useful to small business owners, as long as you’re doing it right. It’s one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and followers alike, you can impart knowledge about products and services or simply update them on what’s happening with the business. We’ve put together some top tips that you can use when creating your video content.

Thinking of setting up a video blog? Here are our top tips!

Practice makes perfect

Think about the practical aspects of this journey, do you already have video camera? Are you going to use your phone? Are you going to invest in a decent piece of equipment?

Don’t forget that you can practice before you start vlogging. Don’t rush yourself into making a video and then posting it online, only to regret it and delete it an hour later. Work with family and friends and ask them to give you pointers on how you could improve.

Also have a look into purchasing some video editing software, you’ll also want to spend some time getting used to using this too.

Have something to say

Nobody wants to waste three minutes watching a video that doesn’t have a message or a theme. Would you? No! Don’t jump head-first into creating a video when you haven’t decided upon your subject. Let’s think about some examples of what would make a good video:

  • Hair and Beauty – Own a beauty salon or a hairdressers? You could put together a vlog about the latest products that have arrived in store. Then you can upload this video to various social media accounts. You can also put together how-to guides on styling. Genius!
  • Florist – You could also do the same with your flower arrangement. Maybe you’ve just had a delivery of some beautiful Roses? Showcase them in a vlog or live stream on Facebook.
  • Digital Marketing Agency – Is there a pressing subject you’d like your followers to know about? Perhaps a written blog that you’d like to turn into video content? Great, here’s your chance.

Can you see what the common denominator is here? The subjects all relate to updates within the business. We’ve come back to the initial point, make sure you’re communicating something that someone will want to listen to. A meaningful vlog also asserts you as an expert in your industry.


If you’re uploading to YouTube, make sure you’ve correctly labelled your video. It will help when anyone searches for you online. Use a sensible and short caption that accurately describes what you’re talking about.

You can use the video description area to add a link to your website or social media accounts.

Live-stream important events

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things you can start to branch out into live-streaming, which has become extremely popular over the last few months. Facebook now offer this feature, so if you’re opening a new office or shop you can live-stream the event so nobody misses out!

Encourage subscriptions and likes

It doesn’t really matter which platform you choose to publish your vlog content on, it’s completely up to you. Do make sure that you use a couple of seconds at the end of your vlog to encourage subscriptions, likes and shares.

Keep it up

You might not see an immediate increase in profit or leads, don’t let this put you off. Keep on vlogging and you might see yourself becoming one of the main thought leaders in your business sector. Success doesn’t fall at your feet overnight, so remember that perseverance is key!



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