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The Benefits of Using Card Payment Terminals

There are many reasons why UK businesses have chosen credit and debit cards as their primary methods of payment over the last few years

  • Improved cash flow
  • Professional image
  • Security
  • Wider customer base
  • Lends to impulse buying
  • No chasing late payments or worrying about unbalanced cheques.

You may have been using Mobile Payment Terminals for years, you may have only just started using them, or you may have never used them at all. Believe us, you should be using them. Taking card payments allows you to maximise your sales opportunities, as well as ensure all payments from customers are received directly. Mobile Card Payment Terminals work fast enough for you to take multiple payments in under a minute.

The Benefits of Using Card Payment Terminals

You can have peace of mind knowing that, wherever your business is situated, the integrated SIM card connects to the strongest GPRS signal in your area. This signal could come from one of the four largest mobile networks in the UK - Vodaphone, O2 and EE. Rest assured you will stay connected, without having to pay for an expensive telephone line. Just in case you need any assistance, our UK-based support team are here to help.

As a member of FSB, you can take advantage of our Card Payment Terminals and the flexible contracts that we can offer your small business. We have robust terminals that offer you a fast and wireless transaction with the added benefit of contactless enabled PCI DSS payment. Contactless payment allows customers and clients to pay a balance of up to £20 – without using their pin number. Upgrading to contactless payment ensures that your business is future-proofed.

FSB Mobile Card Payment Terminals work with your current merchant account, so there is no need to worry about changing or swapping.

Added key features:

  • High Performance
  • Access to preferential rates
  • A range of contracts – choose one to suit you
  • Three months free terminal rental*
  • Savings of up to £678 on a single terminal
  • Flexible agreement – 1 day to 4 years
  • Competitive pricing

FSB has worked with 123Send for over ten years; we aim to give SMEs across the UK the most reliable and practical payment solutions for their businesses. 123 also work with all UK acquirers, meaning that it has never been easier to switch.
*Terms and conditions apply.

FSB Mobile Card Payment Terminals from FSB

FSB MCP Terminals offer a quick, affordable and flexible way to take payments at your retail premises, on the road with clients, or even at an event.

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