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Stay organised and save time

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  • 06 April 2016
It’s no secret to entrepreneurs and business people that small business organisation is the key to productivity. Whether you imagine yourself as an organisational guru, or, on the other side, don’t consider yourself a particularly organised individual, your company will benefit hugely from improved organisation. The tips below will help you to get your work-space and business operations on track to organisational perfection.

Every day is a new start

Get into the habit of starting your work day with a five minute overview of the tasks that must be completed today. Start a new list every day, instead of keeping a running list and crossing items off. It’s very easy to end up with a page covered in scribbles, and the whole point is to become more organised. Feel free to carry over tasks that weren’t completed, however.

Pair your morning overviews with a brief five minute review at the end of the day. Were you successful in getting done everything that you set out to achieve? Did particular obstacles arise that were beyond your control, or is there perhaps something in the way you set or carry out these tasks that holds you back?

Stay organised and save time

Plan for interruptions

The oft-repeated saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” may become tiresome after you hear it for the 100th time, but there is a solid kernel of truth here. Managing interruptions is a key organisational skill. Many disturbances may well be out of your control, but they will inevitably occur, so it makes sense to plan for interruptions in advance.

Also work on learning to say ‘not right now’ when you are busy. You may feel that all responsibility is on you as the business owner, but if you are working on something already, and this new issue doesn’t have to be resolved right now, then it can be handled later.

Have a mid-day reset

Particularly when managing interruptions and demands from multiple sources, it’s important to take a few minutes to catch your breath and clear your head, but this is a good idea even if you’ve been ‘in the zone’ all day thus far. Having a mid-day reset ensures that you won’t get burned out, allowing you to stay on-task and respond to future disturbances appropriately, no matter what may come your way.

Start with the end in mind

As an organisation for small business leaders, the FSB team knows that vision is vital. Most business leaders usually have a long-term vision for their company, but expert organisational skills come from starting with the end in mind with each task, each day, and each milestone for your business. You can’t get somewhere until you know where that ‘somewhere’ is! This kind of mind-set also helps you to avoid getting bogged down and losing sight of the end goal altogether.

Keep track and stay informed

Relying on others to pass information on to you would be possible in an ideal world, but in reality, it often means that only good news makes its way up to you. Making an effort to keep aware of the day-to-day operations of your business not only ensures that you stay on top of things, but also helps to motivate your staff, demonstrating the level of interest and importance that you place upon their work.

It helps to stay organised in general, whether you're a small business owner or not. If you do require some support with your business, take a look at the benefits we have on offer to our members, as well as the business issues that we lobby against. 

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